WHAKi is a band, a genre, an institution. It is absurdly serious music.

WHAKi seeks to relate the enigmatic Satellite transmissions of the universe to its audience through the mediums of sound and vision. They follow the mantra of the late philosopher Francis Zappa: "Absurdity is the only reality."

Since its Cleveland basement infancy of '99, WHAKi has been experimenting with a melange of sounds. Funk and Jazz. Blues and Prog. Zappa and Ween. With wild ideas and creative imaginings unbound by convention Judd & Zakk began to uncover the roots of a story. WHAKi the Movie became a cornerstone project where an eclectic ensemble of characters was born out of their experimental sound: Dr. Harry "Ray" Grundle, mad scientist with only WHAKi's destruction in mind; Rabid Donut, the reluctant sidekick of Dr. Grundle; Overjoyed Pretzel, the salty wonder, and Planet Oliveloaf, the peculiarly meaty planet hanging in the night sky. The WHAKi universe then was sparked, ignited, noodled and cymbal-crashed into the universe. With a four-antennaed satellite as their interstellar translator and space wisdom decoder, WHAKi tapped in and opened their ears to the sheer possibility of absolutely everything, while broadcasting universal grooves to the masses.

Despite their current EAST/WEST separation with Judd in Savannah, GA and Zakk in Portland, OR, WHAKi and their exploration of all things absurd continues. Reunited in the summer of 2005 in Athens, OH WHAKi released their eponymous first album, which included some of their very first tunes along with new improvisational jams. Together their creativity flowed like a log down a river. In 2008 Zakk met Judd in Savannah where they recorded the album West meets East in less than a week. An appropriately absurd endeavor. Their latest project, One Minute Soundtracks (OMS), is a series of soundscapes developed through their weekly online collaboration. WHAKi continues to work on projects together online and in 7/4 Studio, their headquarter basement studio in Portland, OR.

Judd Higgins

  • lives in Savannah

Zakk Kuzda

  • lives in Portland